Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thoroughly Thoughtful Thursday: The Ten Commandments from Train Up A Child

Social Skills/Thoughtful Objectives:
* To listen to the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments
* To learn what the Ten Commandments are and why God gave them to us
* To create a visual representation of the Ten Commandments to help remember each one
* To discuss how to obey God's rules for us

* Bible - Exodus 20:1-17
* Ten Commandments Printable from me :)

* 2 colors of construction paper
* Scissors
* Glue
* Marker

* I saw this idea on Train Up A Child and thought it was such a great way to teach the Ten Commandments. However, I knew that my children would not understand the biblical wording of each commandment, so I found different phrases on a children's poster and made my own printables to help them comprehend what each rule means.  You are welcome to use the others from Train Up A Child.  There is also a cute Commandment Train to make if you want to. 

* Read Exodus 20:17 from your bible or use a children's bible.  Explain to your kids what these rules mean and why God gave them to Moses and to us.  Discuss how to obey these commandments.  You can role play different situations to help them understand.

* Cut out each commandment from the printables.

* Then have your child make handprints with paint or trace and cut their handprints out of construction paper and glue them onto a second piece of construction paper.

* Glue each commandment in order onto a finger of the handprints.

* Number each finger 1-10 and write "The Ten Commandments" on the bottom.  Review each commandment and ask your child to explain what each one means.  Pray together and ask God to help you follow and obey each of these rules.


  1. Thank you for sharing!! Love it!!

  2. Where are the printables of the 10 commandments?

  3. Just click on the picture and you can print them directly! Thanks for following along with us!

  4. This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing a great idea.

  5. Thank you for making your info available! I love these and want to use them in my SS class! Jennifer Leary

  6. Going to try this out tomorrow with my Kindergarten class. Wish me luck! :)

  7. I can't seem to print these. When i click on them, it just goes to the next picture.

  8. I was excited to try this with my Sunday School class tomorrow but your directions for printing don't work. I tried saving it to my computer then printing but that didn't work either.

  9. I'm so sorry you are having trouble printing. You should be able to click on the picture and print it or copy the picture and print. Hopefully this will work for you!

  10. honor the lord by resting on sunday ? on sunday ?

  11. Thanks for this free resource going to try it in Kidz church on Sunday - Gwanny D'

  12. did any of you tried to do it with velcro?

  13. Hi, this can't be printed. I've tried saving to my computer but the size is too small. It can't be changed. I've also tried copying the picture and printing that way, and nothing. Is there anyway you can send me the pdf or file? thanks!

  14. I would like to have this please

  15. Can I have this, please ?. It is a very interesting method.